How much do I really need to understand this digital world?

Success Environment

Digital Transformation

If you are an executive or a manager, who has been in the market for the last few years, you must have asked yourself something similar to this. I imagine you’ve read articles, listened to podcasts and even participated in events where the term Digital Transformation appeared in the spotlight.

Still, many of us still don’t move well on this topic. And when we are required, we delegate to someone more technical. In these cases, the delegation itself is compromised, as it lacks purpose and metrics. This is one of the main reasons for failure in companies’ digital transformation journey. And this failure is manifested through the waste of financial resources, demotivation of the professionals involved, and finally in the loss of opportunities and competitiveness in the market.

Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Workshop


Siena Company, through the best methodologies and experienced professionals, created workshops aimed at executives and managers to master the digital world, and lead their company or department in this new scenario.

These workshops have four main objectives:

  • Introduce what a digital transformation journey is and a world-class methodology to guide you on the journey.
  • Define a digital transformation journey that adheres to your company, or your department.
  • Create a portfolio of digital projects aligned with your company’s strategy.
  • Define performance indicators for the ongoing digital transformation in your organization.

Hiring Models

Open Classes

Open classes with four weekly workshops. Register here for the next workshop.

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Corporate Classes

Closed classes for an organization. Contact us for more details by clicking on this link.

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